Memory Quilt…a work in progress

Update! January 31, 2019

I finally finished my Memory Quilt made from my Grandma’s dresses! I am so happy with how it turned out. It is now officially my favorite quilt. Being wrapped up in this quilt is like a hug from Heaven!

My Grandma always wore the cutest dresses. Some were floral, some striped, most were plaid. Some were zip ups and some buttoned. Most have Sears labels and are called zip & dash. Growing up I have never seen Grandma wear anything other than these dresses.

When grandma died, almost a year ago, I decided to take these dresses home with me to make a few memory quilts. I made one for mom already and gave it to her this past Christmas. It was so hard to cut these dresses up into patches. I know grandma loved her dresses and I felt bad taking a pair of scissors to them. But these were such a huge part of who my grandma was and I wanted to do something special with them. I just recently started another memory quilt out of these dresses. So once again I went through the emotional ups and downs of cutting more patches out of her dresses.

So here is my workstation at my kitchen table with Grandma’s dresses draped over the backs of my chairs. I wanted to make a giant star quilt so I cut eight large 12 inch blocks and then halved those blocks to make two triangles. I ended up with sixteen triangles. I took those triangles and arranged them on my floor to form a star. I used white fabric for the background. I still need to pick out fabric for the border, backing and binding.

This is just one of several sewing projects that I have going on, but I am excited the most about finishing this one. I look forward to sharing this quilt with you all when it’s completed!


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