Christmas Jam (Strawberry Cranberry Jam)

So I know it is only March and Christmas is the last thing on our minds (actually I love Christmas and it’s always on my mind), but I have a lot of strawberries that I bought from the FFA. Not only am I supporting my local FFA but I am supporting my canning habit. My favorite jam is Christmas Jam. It’s a mix of strawberries and cranberries….sweet with a little tart. The color is absolutely beautiful…a beautiful deep red. It screams Christmas!

So even though we are fresh out of the Christmas season and far from the next Christmas, this jam is well worth making, especially considering that strawberries are coming into season. Better yet, you can make enough to put away for this years Christmas gifts! If you happen to stumble upon this recipe after strawberry season, you can use frozen strawberries (I actually use frozen cranberries in this recipe too).

Now on with the recipe…

Christmas Jam (Strawberry Cranberry Jam)


3 pounds of strawberries
1 pound of cranberries
5 cups of sugar
6 ounces of liquid fruit pectin


Prepare canner, jars and lids.

Wash strawberries and cranberries (if using fresh). Be sure to hull your fresh strawberries.

Pulse the strawberries and cranberries in a food processor. Pulse to your preference, whether you want a smoother texture or a chunkier texture.

Pour the processed fruit into a heavy bottomed pot. Add the sugar and bring to a full roaring boil over medium high heat.

Boil for one minute.

Remove the pot from heat and stir in pectin until mixed completely.

Cool jam for 5 minutes and then skim off foam.

Ladle jam into prepared half pint jars leaving a 1/4 inch head space. Wipe jar rims clean and cover with lids. Screw on jar bands until just finger tight.

Process jars in water bath for 10 minutes.

Makes about 14 half pints.


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